ORBI Mexico

Organización de Reactivos, Biológicos e Inmunología S.A. de C.V.

ORBI is a leading Biotechnology, Diagnostics and Immunology products manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Mexico City, serving Mexico and LATAM.

Founded in 1982 ORBI has been one of the most successful companies distributing world-class technology and products to national programs run by the Mexican Ministry of Health, the Social Security and other public and private health care bodies. Our products have improved the lives of millions of people. ORBI represents and distributes for best-in-class companies from countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Hugary, South Korea and the United States.

ORBI is your ideal distribution partner for any type of healthcare, diagnostics or immunological products in Mexico and LATAM.

Additionally, we own licenses and technical facilities in the heart of Mexico City which allows for R&D, filling, processing, Q&A and storage of biotech, biomed, pharma and chemical products. Both, our license as well as our technical facilities are available for external usage by domestic and international companies.